Women Make Men Millionaires Only When He is a Former Billionaire

Welcome to the Bill of Rights: Your Civil Liberty according to FDR and Billy Clint

Bill One: Women Make Men Millionaires Only When He is a Former Billionaire

FDR: How many women have been credited with turning a man into a billionaire? Now, let us turn that question around. How many women are credited with breaking a man? There are plenty of men in the poor house because of an evil vixen. Women use their bodies to tempt a man, to set traps and to take from a man what he holds most valuable. Any gained leverage is then used in their favor. 

Women are lovely, they are beautiful, they are the reason men exist and achieve BUT why are some so malicious and diabolical? How many men pay child support? Now, how many men pay child support to only have their finances used on beauty regimens and fluff? Hair? Nails? Clothes? Some women have manipulative ways that are heinous in nature and have actions that are devilish.

A prenuptial agreement is the only way a man can protect his hard earned wealth. I’m not generalizing but some women need to know and take their place when a man has extensive and robust finances. They should simply fall in line and enjoy the ride; don’t overstep boundaries.

When more women begin to uplift their partner and support him, then and only then, will the male become more wealthy. Wealth isn’t relegated to monetary value only, it can be measured by knowledge and other non-tangible items. We appreciate women who hold the position beside their men with pride. We appreciate women who push their men towards excellence and we hold the women who do this, close to our chest. The rest may be damned…

– Best,


Billy Clint: Spend but don’t ever let a broad tap your pockets. Sometimes ‘Miss Right’ isn’t available but ‘Miss Right Now’ is 60$ away. First, in order for a female to turn males into anything, she had better be able to turn us out. Personally-speaking, in order for me to agree with any woman taking money, I best leave the White House in a wheelchair everyday from being weak and suffering from spontaneous dribbling. These days, however, we are dealing with a different species of women. Women will suck you dry, blow all of your finances and then become mad when your account is meager.

Men, there is nothing more humbling than thinking you’re lacking in resources, that you can’t afford something, am I right? A recent experience with one female, in particular, had me thinking that I couldn’t afford my bills, that I was inundated in debt; the reality was, however, I couldn’t afford her. Men, if you meet a female and her first words surround the many things you can do for her, I suggest you look at her like you would the homeless man at the light–a look that implies, ‘I want to help but I can deduce from the surroundings that you won’t do right with it.’

Moral of the story, we’ve all been had in one way or another but bottom line is, she shouldn’t be able to get more than you can give. Men, be careful out here and, if needed, I have a fresh order of ‘Whore-B-GONE’ in production. Feel free to make your purchase at Youaintgotshit.com. Have a blessed day!

– Signed,


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