What’s On The Menu? Booty!

Quite a few of us were discussing what we would and wouldn’t do for the love of our life. The conversation took a turn for the worse when someone mentioned they would eat the butt of their woman, if she enjoyed that type of thing. Aye bruh, I will never ever drink after you and don’t let me ever see you try to double dip in the marinara sauce. I have since wondered if others have been in such a debate and debacle?! Clearly, it happens, and has been for quite some time. So, I pose a question: Suppose I’m down there servicing you with all my might, am I expected to make my way to hole #2 for a little while? Is that how it goes these days, ladies?

So, let me get this straight; you’re going to sit there and tell me that ‘it’s okay’ to eat the booty hole? The horror we put our bottoms through and I’m just supposed to take all that on, FACE FIRST? Shit! (pun intended!) I can’t help but think about what you pushed out earlier. Take ‘Scenario One,’ for example: Maybe you, recently, ate Taco Bell and that burrito didn’t sit quite right in your stomach, what am I suppose to do with that? But wait, there’s more… ‘Scenario Two’: Say you’re lactose intolerant and that oreo milkshake from Cook-Out has your stomach playing the drums. You knew damn well you should’ve passed, and now you’re passing gas! What, again, am I to do? For grins and chuckles, ‘Scenario Three’: You downed oversized portions of mom’s famous chili the night before and you wake up feeling a little freaky. Huh? What happens here? Do you see where I’m going with this? You have got to be some kind of crazy to not eat pork or beef but end up nom-nom’ing on booty! People, are you telling me that eating booty is healthier?

I think every man should attempt to satisfy his woman as long as it’s a reasonable request. Partaking of the hole, is that a reasonable request? I mean, hell, we have to draw the line somewhere. I don’t care how clean you are or claim to be, you can’t be sticking your tongue everywhere–especially if said place has a reputation for ‘track’ records.

Ladies, how many of you are willing to return the favor? I think that’s worse than the man doing it for some reason but, hey, that’s just my opinion.

I find it, extremely, shocking to learn what people claim to do for love. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, that ain’t love! Don’t be ashamed, you won’t be judged or stoned, I just need to know your thoughts:  Yes or no? To eat booty or not? That is the question.

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