Weekly Commute 2/6/17



EarthGang – Strays with Rabies – This is the ATL we all are used to. Groovy, smooth tracks with heavy bass lines and at least decent lyrics. It dropped in 2015 but its so damn refreshing and new.

Phony Ppl – Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Wow man, so damn groovy (seems to be the word of the week). This group somehow combines all of the smoothest sh*t you can think of into one dope ass album and the live instrumentation, off the charts. A very solid listen to say the least.

Cozz – Cozz and Effect – Damn what my Sound Off cohorts say, this album is definitely worth checking out. The dudes spits, his beats are dope, and it comes together in a very nice package (pause).

Curren$y – For those that don’t know, this man is a workaholic. He has been dropping an mixtape every damn month for the past year. I am not going to list them all here but I will tell you to start with January 2016 and go from there.

Surprisingly good listens…

Tiron and Ayomari – The Great New Wonderful – Bruh, this album is an absolute gem. Yes, their music is positive but it has an edge too. They straddle that west coast life with a hippie vibe and man, did it mesh well.

Surprisingly bad listens…

Big Sean – I Decided – Homes wtf was this? SMH! I am truly disappointed in what you dropped. Yeah, I know what you are saying…when has he ever delivered? Big Sean is consistent and if you don’t like the album in its entirety, he always has quite a few tracks worth repeating. Well, that is until this BS dropped.

Smoke Smoke Smoke, smoke that weed smoke, pop them pills, drink that liquor now…

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