Tupac = Overrated

What? Yeah, I said it! Tupac is overrated in every sense of the word. Sure, the man was an all-around great artist but he wasn’t a standout by any means and, truthfully, I don’t understand why people praise him for anything other than his work ethic. Well, that and his social subject matter. He brought a lot of social injustices, regarding African Americans, to the forefront. Yes, the man worked hard and continuously dropped music but that doesn’t make him one of the greatest. Matter of fact, he wasn’t the greatest BUT his role was integral in hip hop’s culture.

Before Death Row, did he have an album that was worth consistent play? Before Death Row, did he have an album full of heat? I know that I’ll catch some flack for this but who cares… Dr. Dre made Tupac relevant! Before he was featured on Dr. Dre’s beats, nobody was checking for Mr. Shakur! ‘All Eyez On Me’ and the first two ‘Makaveli’ albums, out of his entire discography, were the only works worth repeat listens. Actually, now that I think about it, I skipped quite a few tracks on these albums, as well, but this is your legend, huh? This is your God emcee, huh? This is the ‘Number One’ placeholder in your ‘Top 5 DOA,’ huh? I don’t get it!


A quick story if you have some timeReferencing the criminal-like mugshot above, let’s revisit being a Junior at A&T (the greatest HBCU, period) when my roommate, who I’ve known since Freshman year, moved in before I did. As I swing open the door to my new domicile, guess who this m*ther f*cker is blasting? Tupac! I said to myself, ‘Okay, I don’t mind a little ‘Pac’ but little did I know, I was in store for more than just a little bit! This bastard played Tupac every got damn morning and every single night before I said, ‘Enough, I can’t take this sh*t anymore.’

I have listened to every album Tupac has released and I have to say, ‘Notorious B.I.G. was better–EASILY!’ I knew it then and I know it now; If B.I.G. could’ve dropped more music, he would’ve danced laps around Tupac. When the man spoke, he inspired! He could write a helluva diss track and spoke with such conviction that he motivated people to act and respond to his words. Too bad B.I.G. wasn’t a president or couldn’t give Tupac a megaphone instead of a mic!

On the subject that is music–rap music, to be specific–the brother doesn’t belong in my top five! Hell, he isn’t even seeing my top 20. OVERRATED….

R.I.P. Tupac

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