Trading Places: Women Who Propose

Apparently, during leap year, which occurs every four years, it is customary in some cultures to allow a woman to propose to a man. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in Europe. Sit back, let that soak in and let’s run down a scenario: Fellas, your lady for two years calls YOU and asks, ‘Can I take you out tonight?’ She drives and you arrive at an upscale eatery where you’re seated in a private section, closed off to the rest of the restaurant goers. After a three-course meal and a popped bottle of some expensive wine, you continue to converse about the future you’re building together. Before you know it, she is down on one knee and whipping out a black, velvet box asking for your hand in marriage. That’s right, you’re wearing the skirt tonight OR do you appreciate her assertiveness and the ability to recognize what’s in front of her?

What do you do fellas? Ladies, is this allowed? Are there any women willing to propose to a man? If the man is dragging his feet, will you drop down to a knee? Fellas, does that make you look weak? I mean, the questions are endless but the biggest one, will he say ‘yes’ or ‘no?’ I can’t lie, as a man, I would feel some kind of way. FIRST OF ALL, if I felt like you were the one, I would have proposed to you. We have been together for two years, I believe that is ample time. Why am I hesitating? Maybe it’s just not the right time…

SECONDLY, how dare you rob me of my moment?! This is a moment men dream about and women should be on the receiving end of. (That moment of seeing the look in the eyes of a woman he’s loved for so long as he drops down to a knee, heart beating fast, her heart beating faster. The look of shock and utter joy as you pull out that box, she knows what’s in that box but she can’t believe it, ‘no, this can’t be true?!’ ‘Oh, it’s true baby!’ She has been waiting her entire life for the man she loves to make it ‘official,’ to know you will be going home to this person for the rest of your life, and he asks the question, ‘Will you marry me? Will you spend the rest of your life with me?’ Got damn you woman, don’t you rob me of my moment!

THIRDLY, can you handle rejection? Huh? Can you handle the look of what the fuck? Can you handle the chuckle and the question, ‘Babe, are you serious?’ All of a sudden, you’re in need of water and not wine because ‘cotton mouth’ has found its way to you. You start second guessing your decision and realize, ‘I done fucked up!’ (Oh, this is definitely a bad grammar moment!) We all know women are generally more emotionally fragile than men, although I know a few cold-blooded ones but even then, I find it hard to believe that they can survive this moment without a broken heart. Who knows why he said no? Maybe he said no because in the back of his mind he planned on proposing to you a month later. Maybe he has been knocking down your sister and just didn’t know how to tell you. Maybe he spends too much time with Craig, it happens! Either way, can you recover?

So, who is dropping down to one knee? Don’t end up like the female below…

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