This is Charlotte, Dammit

Light Bulb! I think I’ve figured it all out. Hear me when I say, ‘I have finally figured out what Charlotte needs to reach its greatest self and be removed from the shadows of Atlanta and DC. To me, Charlotte is like a privately traded company that’s thriving and making waves but misses the mark at the national level. It’s as if very few people recognize the potential in this company or feel like it’s below their current status–in other words, it’s unimportant and pointless to them. Oh but wait, as soon as that slept on entity goes public, everyone is jumping to buy their stock! Now to me, this is pure logic and common sense but others might see it as groundbreaking. The real issue, is Charlotte ready to invest in itself? Is Charlotte ready to put the work in?

Is Charlotte allowing corporate greed to kill its bubbling culture? Have you looked around and noticed how many Charlotte ‘staples’ have been flattened for the erection of condominiums or apartment buildings. One less place to perform, one less place where an outsider can feel like an insider, one less place where the unaccepted can feel accepted, one less place where one can express themselves in whatever capacity they choose. You, driving the ‘smallest and latest,’ I know it isn’t important to you, I know you don’t care about the poor and the less privileged. You, with the top-level loft, I know they don’t have to be either one of those for you not to care at all. Maybe it’s for the improvement of the city (you’ll have to do more convincing) but it looks like you’re just improving the skyline to attract more companies. As Charlotte’s culture grows, I think the companies will naturally come a-knocking! But hey, I could be wrong. Guess we’ll see what happens after NBA All-Star week, 2017.

Do we have enough affluent young minorities here? Do they do enough to support the city? I can answer this, hell no! We have athletes that are recognized nationally. We have artists that are nationally recognized. Why aren’t they visible? Do you see them floating around the city like they should be? How many events, during the off-season, are they promoting and taking part in? My question for them, why aren’t you showing up? Why avoid the city you live in?

Ready to embrace new ideas? Tell the ‘old money’ to get the hell out of the way. Stop being so conservative and invest in the new Charlotte. This city is ready to pop like a cheap condom but you’re holding us back. Let’s just call it what it is, old white Charlotte isn’t ready to release its grip! You’re used to Charlotte being a certain way and that is cool, cool FOR YOU–only! Get out of the way and let the professional youth of Charlotte turn this city into something amazing. Invest in new ideas, as well as the youth creating these innovative mentions. Working together, we have the ability to transform Charlotte into so much more. Let the forward thinkers have the reigns and watch the growth that takes place from ground level. You can watch Charlotte grow from the safety of your home in whatever upscale apartment or home you reside. However, the rest of us will be putting in the work needed to make sure this city doesn’t waste money on a light rail that travels in a straight line. Seriously, if you live on the East or the West side of Charlotte, you’re ass out if you are trying to catch the ‘train.’

Will Charlotte businesses ever believe in teamwork? I was always taught teamwork makes the dream work. It appears Charlotte’s small businesses would rather go at it alone than team up with other entities. Why? You can accomplish so much more together than you can working separately? Well, in most instances this is true. Be sure to avoid the janky individuals that aren’t business savvy and are looking to exploit you and your momentum, of course. To change and push this city, we all need to do it together as no one person can generate the impact needed to make a dent. Certain classes and groups work together but why doesn’t this ideal translate to the groups that, generally, need it the most? Let’s work together to see the change that we want.


Of course, there is more to do but I think this is a good start. I believe Charlotte is ready to take that step forward but damn, can you get out of our way? Can we preserve the culture we have built and add to it? Can we start supporting each other? Charlotte! Hello, no, this isn’t Atlanta or DC, we are Charlotte and, frankly, we have the ability to be better!


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