The South was Right?

What are you attempting to convey because the message I am receiving, is one of ignorance–teetering on the fine line of disrespect. On second thought, you have definitely crossed that line. Frankly, I believe you’re attempting to incite anger or some type of irrational action with such visuals.

I waited and waited and waited to see if the owner of this four-wheeled, hate machine would show; it never happened. (I promise I only wanted to talk to him, I promise!)

The southern states are used to seeing Confederate Dixie Flags flying. We’re also accustomed to those that uphold these flags, disguising the hate as heritage. Heritage? So, let me get this right, without detailing the torment and destruction that your proud heritage is responsible for, you’re suggesting that it’s ‘all good’ that your heritage is the cause for the enslavement, death, and torture of millions? If that’s not accurate, what exactly are you proud of? Everything after slavery or before? Oh okay, maybe you’re proud of the white knights, proudly, toting flags as they burned crosses in yards and murdered families in the shroud of night. Is it these cowardly actions you’re proud of?

The South was right? The South has been right about a lot of things but I can’t help but assume you’re referring to the belief of free and forced labor. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I come from but the South has to do better! Even now, discrimination runs rampant in 2016. WTF? It’s 2016 people! We have ‘hit squad’ police officers who believe in targeting and executing one group of people, racist politicians, and businesses that would prefer you to be of fairer skin in order to be served. Again, it’s 2016!

The Confederate flag, by itself, is enough to write you off as a reasonably prudent individual. Then you say, the South was right. Then on top of all of this, you have the nerve to be a Trump supporter. My dude, you have hit rock bottom! How do you drive around the city in this?


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