The Famous 40-Year Old Virgin

A.C. Green remained a virgin during his entire NBA playing career, people! For the love of God, that’s 16 years! Do you understand its significance? Like seriously, no sex! This man played ball for the Lakers during their dominant run in the 80’s. We all know what the 80’s was like, right? There was sex and drugs, then more sex and while we’re at it, how ’bout some more drugs?! No biggie to stay away from the drugs, but the sex? HOW? How did he do it?

The women are sexy and throwing themselves at your feet. You’re paid handsomely as a first round draft pick and, let’s not forget, you’re playing alongside Magic, Kareem, and Worthy. You didn’t dib and dab a little? No head? Nothing? I’m not calling the man a liar or anything, but I doubt you stayed clean for 16 years. Okay, maybe I am calling him a liar! Say what you want but it sounds shaky to me!

Click the image below…

ac green

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