The ‘B’ in Beyonce is for Black Power

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The ‘B’ in Beyonce is for Black Power

The ‘B’ in Beyonce is for Black Power

The ‘B’ in Beyonce is for Black Power

The ‘B’ in Beyonce is for Black Power

Instead of ranting like I, initially, planned, I have decided to take another approach regarding the reaction to Beyonce’s ‘Formation.’ However, I can’t ensure that it will present itself in a tactful manner. Frankly, I’m not here to be ‘PC!’

  1. Have you noticed how Beyonce’s camp is on their shit? Nothing is ever leaked! I find it interesting how some state, however, that the single was, in fact, leaked though she performed it the next day during Super Bowl’s halftime. (I don’t believe you, you need more people!)
  2. The video was a visual win!! Everything was superb–the fashion, the enviro, the symbolism, the dance moves, the ‘everything!’ KUDOS!!!
  3. The lyrics? Powerful and pungent! However, being Black or of African American descent is a beautiful thing. Who else is more resilient? What other ethnicity is represented with a variety of shades and hues? Our features are dominant! We are dominant! Chance the Rapper was quickly reminded with his related tweet: ‘Beyonce just made me so proud of my nose.’ (Don’t ever slip! We got the juice!)
  4. So, about the Black Panthers references? What about them? What seems to be the problem, world? Can she not have an opinion? Can she not express herself as she sees fit? Can she not live? Apparently, only if she leaves ‘Black Lives Matter’ moments and agendas out of it, huh? Fuck it, she’s on one! You ready, B?!
  5. It’s unfortunate that she has received lashings for being an artist and stating her truth–which is very much a reality. And, then to compare her Black Panther attire and pro-Black stance to that of the KKK is preposterous! A quick lesson though simple in nature: the Black Panther Party (or BPP) was established for self-defense. The Klu Klux Klan (or The Klan), historically, participates in methods of terrorism aimed at groups or individuals whom they oppose–anyone NOT white, in other words. One plays offense, the other defense.
  6. Did Beyonce know that ‘Formation’ would cause such an uproar? Yes! You think she gives any fucks? If so, I simply present a line from her latest: ‘You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.’


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