TeamBlkGrlFly presents THE BEAUTY STANDARD


Snippet from SincerelySwat

For many years, the value of a black woman’s beauty was based off complexion and quality of hair. This skewed idea of beauty resulted in a sense of division that has reverberated throughout decades and is the experience of countless black women.

However, in alignment with other beauty projects and platforms that seek more, #TeamBlkGrlFly presents ‘The Beauty Standard.’ With the focus on beauty, hair and happiness, finances, as well as overall health and wellness, ‘The Beauty Standard’ is a weekend happening, taking place in Charlotte (the Queen City) in Summer ’17. Slated for July 15th, ‘The Beauty Standard’ was created to celebrate and highlight women of color—allowing us to enjoy each other’s company and invest in our brands, all the while proclaiming and acknowledging that we are the standard of beauty.

To be clear, we are so much more than the societal norms of beauty pushed in current media outlets! All of us with our various hues, textures of hair and shape of body are forces to be reckoned with and while this is a family-friendly event, this one is for us, sis! CHEERS!

To learn more about the event and how you can participate, please visit BLK GRL FLY!

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