Sue she? Uh, yes!

SUSHI! That raw fish! Yes, that good, raw-dog fish served sliced or in a roll. Well, some of you prefer it deep fried (is that even considered sushi?) or slightly browned. I love it, we all love it! Don’t you? I’ll take a roll of avocado, salmon, cream cheese, and a drip drop of soy sauce mixed with wasabi. Tell me this: why is it that some of the best things birthed by this glorious earth is best served rolled?

Moving along, I’ve been enjoying Sushi for quite some time and, like most people, it all started with a simple California Roll and a dab of soy sauce. My palate has since broadened, yet I still do not have a seat at the big boy’s table. Raw slithers of salmon, tuna, and shellfish are alright with me but I struggle with the thought of eating raw, slimy tentacles.

And, chopsticks? Forget about it! It’s utterly embarrassing to use a fork in a Sushi spot but my fingers can’t deal! Once I have them gripped, my right hand resembles that of a stroke victim. My movement is limited and it looks quite painful but I’m able to get the job done. Between you and I, in the privacy of my home, I eat sushi with a big ass fork but, publicly, I refuse to play myself. Anyone offering classes? I’ll pick up the tab… maybe.

I think I’ve visited most of the restaurants in Charlotte, that offer Sushi, but if you can add to the list below, please drop some in the comments.

  1. Akahana (Plaza-Midwood): Easily, the best spot for Sushi in my opinion (by one get one free is available everyday, on all rolls).
  2. Ru San’s
  3. Cowfish
  4. New Zealand
  5. Nikko
  6. Pisces: I’ve never been but people swear by it (honorable mention).
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