SincerelySwat presents GIRL GANG: Facing Your Fears Edition


What is that thing that keeps you from soaring? Is there something you need to share with someone but you just can’t seem to get it out? What’s holding you back? Is it a physical, mental or emotional barrier? Either way, let’s knock them down! Join me, Swat, as I welcome a group of females to share their stories of facing their fears head on and what it took to get them there. I invite you to be vulnerable and transparent as you receive inspiration, yet courageous to combat your fears, as well. Ladies, welcome to a new day!

Panelists Include: Melody Gross, Candice Rushing, Monique Stamps, Erica Arcilesi and LaTanya Johnson

Make sure you arrive in comfortable clothing as we may do a few activities–if time permits.

Tickets may be purchased at: SincerelySwat

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