Residents End their Food Desert Problem by Opening Renaissance Community Coop

What do you know about eating chips and cookies for dinner? What if you didn’t have access to quality juices but sugary drinks instead? This, unfortunately, is a reality for many. However, I happened upon a story that caught my eye and is set to combat this very problem–at least for one neighborhood. Although, the visual may appear a little dated, the information is current and can inspire other communities to do the same.

A little back story: Many residents of northeast Greensboro are ‘fed’ up with the lack of access to quality foods and grocery stores. Jones, a longtime resident, submits that the closest grocery store is two miles away–being an inconvenience more than anything. However, those who do not have any means of transportation, find the two miles to be a major hurdle.

In need of a neighborhood grocery store, Jones and a host of others have convened their coins and are hopeful to open their own, Renaissance Community Coop, in a former Winn Dixie building. To learn more about the grocery store that’s first of its kind, visit for additional details.

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