#REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction

Local Designers Sift Through ”Trash” to Make Apparel Treasures

CrownKeepers and City Solid Waste Services Hosts…

#REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction



Contact: Denada Jackson

704-432-3538 (PH), 704-363-5104 (C)



January 11, 2017 (Charlotte, NC) –  More than 20 local designers have sorted through the inventory at Goodwill Industries and Value Village, looking for pieces to create upcycled masterpieces from. The result will be a tremendous display of fashion and interior design with the purpose of giving discarded items a second chance. The designers, with their own aesthetics and signature looks, are competing for prizes and bragging rights during #REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction taking place February 11, 2017 at LaCa Projects, 5pm.

Presented by CrownKeepers (www.CrownKeepers.org) and the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services, #REPURPOSED will educate local residents about upcycling while encouraging them to consider this option as a way to reduce waste.

How does it work?

Local designers, having selected “trashed” materials from our sponsors Value Village and Goodwill Industries, will then upcycle these wears into fashionable clothing and furniture items. #REPURPOSED: An Upcycled Fashion Show + Auction will occur during “Fashion Week” to engage and inform a diverse audience in the awareness and importance of reusing, upcycling, and composting. To further the impact, environmentally-focused nonprofits Sustain Charlotte, Hip Hop Caucus, and Pop Up Produce will receive 100% of the funds from fashion and furniture sales at the show and auction. The show takes place at LaCa Projects, 1429 Bryant St, Charlotte, NC 28208, at 5pm.

Why is this important?

The City’s Environmental Committee has established a goal for Charlotte to be zero-waste by 2050. According to tonnage data captured by the City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services, during fiscal year 2015, the more than 800,000 residents of the City of Charlotte generate 1,600 pounds of garbage per person, per year. This accumulated trash goes into a landfill where methane gas and leachate is created causing air, soil and water pollution. This pollution can be linked to chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes, proving there is a direct connection between your health and the environment. One way to improve personal and environmental health is to manage waste better.

Solid Waste Services is teaching citizens practical ways to do just this via the Healthy Communities program, which uses games, school presentations, cooking classes, tours—and, now and now a fashion show—to educate and inspire change in waste behaviors.

For more information about #REPURPOSED, go to CROWNKEEPERS. To read more about the City’s Healthy Communities program visit www.healthycommunitiesclt.com.




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