Ranking the Best Two-Member Groups from the South

collageGrowing up in the South, it was all about embracing your heritage, your southern culture and where you’re from. We have a certain type of pride that we hold close to our chests and it’s evident in our music. Well, rather, it used to be evident until the over popularized revolution of trash rap but even that has its place, if I’m honest. Southern hip hop is the greatest to ever exist and that’s, solely, my opinion but, again, this is my post!

With that said, I felt the need to rank the best ‘two-member’ groups to come out of the South and, boy, was that tough?! Check the list below and whether you agree or not, I want to hear what you think. For those that know me, the first one is obvious! Did I leave anyone off?

  1. Outkast – Andre 3000 and Big Boi. I mean seriously folks, it’s not even close. This tandem is better than any two-member group ever…PERIOD!! Yes, this includes the East and the West coasts.
  2. U.G.K. – Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P. the Pimp).
  3. 8ball and MJG – Eightball the ‘Fat Mack’ and MJ fuckin’ G.
  4. Youngbloodz – J Bo and The Real Sean Paul aka Sharp Crease.
  5. Clipse – Pusha T and Malice.
  6. Big TymersBaby and Mannie Fresh.
  7. Dirty – The Pimp and The Gangster.
  8. Field Mob – Shawn J and Smoke.
  9. Timbaland and Magoo – I didn’t even want to include them but I did on the strength of Timbo and his influence. Someone once asked me who Magoo was.

The discography of the top four, alone, has pushed the culture of hip hop beyond corners and track suits and, personally, has sustained me past some of the worst days in my life. The bottom half aren’t to be slept on either but they never really produced great albums, except for maybe the Clipse. ‘Lord Willin” is an amazing album but they couldn’t follow that effort up with anything substantial. Of course the Big Tymers and their hilarious skits are worth mentioning. ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, kemosabe, big, big, big ballin’ is my hobby!’

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  1. Yo, how could you forget Tag Team? DC The Brain Supreme and my man Steve Roll’n!

    One hit wonder duo? Maybe. But I cant think of two songs by Dirty, and they made your list. I got “Hit the Flo” from them, and that’s it.

    Tag Team was the first southern duo to have a hit single on the Billboard Top 40. “Whoomp, there it is” has gone 4X platinum in the US, and is an undeniable staple of US pop culture. You’ve seen it on clothing, bumper stickers, and yearbook covers. It has even been used in Pepsi commercials. Try and tell me that Droid commercial from a year ago, with the cartoon characters riding around in a van bumping “Whoomp there it is” didnt get you hype when you saw it! There wasnt a volume of Jock Jams or Now Thats What I Call HipHop that didnt have the original or a remix of Whoomp there it is.

    Sampling Kano’s “I’m Ready” was genius; it hadnt been sampled prior, and hasnt been sampled since. Their flow was perfectly tempo’d, even if the lyrics werent top-shelf. But who cares about the lyrics? The song was made for house parties, backyard bbqs, and slam dunk contests; all of which are likely to include alcohol anyway. All you need is the hook, which can easily be remembered after five Jack and Cokes.

    Tag Team came in between the raunchy hiphop of the early 90s and the down to earth hiphop of the mid 90s. Everyone was singing their song. Executive bankers sang it. Grandmas sang it. Politicians sang it. Brides and groomes sang it. That Honduran immigrant dude from the sandwich shop that couldnt speak a lick of English sang it.

    They earned their spot on the airwave, and our hearts. Put em on your list.

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