Nat Turner, The Original Bad Ass

I remember sitting in History class when slavery was discussed. Albeit brief, most of it centered around what was being done to Africans. I found it hard to believe that they were on the receiving end of so much turmoil and didn’t return the favor. Like, are you really just going to stand there and take it? How odd is that! So, as I sat and listened to the teacher detail the harsh treatment, the lack of compassion for other human beings, and the blatant disrespect, I became angry and, downright, pissed that no one fought back.

Little did I know, that is the way those in power wanted you to think–that nobody fought back, that they were all weak and did as they were told. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce Nat Turner aka ‘Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass’ on your white buttocks! I’m sure he wasn’t the only one but, as that part of history has been erased and suppressed, Nat is a sure thing!

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