Marriage is A Scam

So I have to ask, ‘What is the point of marriage?’ Everyone says it represents the ultimate bond between two souls and shows how much they love each other but… how? How is this the ultimate display of love when we can’t properly use the word?

We forget that marriage was originally used to bargain. Fathers would marry off their young daughters to older men to fulfill arrangements and/or because of wealth, protection or whatever else was needed. At that time, females ages 13-16 would marry men over the age of 25. And, I doubt if it was all about love! History tells us that, if anything, women were viewed as items and property to own through marriage.

Another problem I have is that we can’t properly define or use the word ‘love’ correctly. Someone told me that if I really love someone, marriage is the goal. Why can’t my long-term goal consist of wanting to be with her and develop a personal bond? Marriage is a business arrangement that we can discuss when necessary. Most would say that love is a strong affection or affinity for someone but I think the word has become so undervalued that it now is an excuse that we hurl upon anyone needing to hear it. With all the different levels and meanings of the word, why can’t I just care and want to be around you?

In all honesty, marriage was created by retail industries for monetary purposes. You are told to save 2-3 months of salary monies to buy an engagement ring, spend ridiculous amounts of money on planners, a venue, decor, dresses, etc., just to say, ‘Hey, he put a ring on it and we’re married now.’ Take the engagement ring, for example. They are created and marketed by the De Beers company because, if you were unaware, they own all of the diamond mines. Via marketing strategies, they tell you that you need to have a certain type of ring or she won’t love you. And, of course, this certain type of ring can only be purchased at ‘insert any retailer’ though they’ll get a check no matter what. Did you know that buying a ring wasn’t a thing until 1938 or so?

In short, why should marriage suggest how much I love you? Why can’t it be used to legally bind our family with the purpose of properly taking care of our kids?

If you want to hear this from someone else, push play…

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  1. After reading this it’s apparent this was written by a “penis” currently or formally under pressure by a “vagina”.
    I didn’t ever intend to be married but happily here I am without any debt accumulated as suggested in the article.

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