Yes, I am the guy who said Tupac was overrated and, no worries, I still stand by that statement. Recently, I was pulled into another conversation–the subject being, LL Cool J (aka Lame Lame Cool James). Listen, I know at one point in time, he was actually pretty raw–back in the 80’s. I’m also aware of that one shining moment, in the 90’s, when he bested another overrated MC, Cannabis. Ok so listen, I’ll give him credit for assisting in pushing the culture beyond the boom bap and into the mainstream. I’ll even give him credit for showing artists that you can aspire to be more than just be a rapper. But, like Tupac, what does this have to do with being one of the greatest of all time?

LL paved the way for every R&B rapper that has emerged onto the scene since he put the mic down and, believe me, there’s several of them. The man has dropped 13 albums! 13, I say! And, how many of them have you played? Matter of fact, how many of them have received multiple burns? All that lip-licking trying to be a sex symbol definitely resonated with women and that’s cool but to be considered a G.O.A.T., you have to be favorable in everyone’s eyes.

I know there are some who agree with me, right? That he shouldn’t be considered a G.O.A.T? Ain’t no way in hell I’m putting a man that lathers his lips that much in my ‘Top 10.’ I always prefer quality over quantity when it comes to music and this man, doesn’t cut it. Remove the actor, the clothes, all of the other business ventures and just leave the music–just the music, the beats, and yes, just the bars… Branded: Overrated!

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