I wouldn’t be surprised, if at this very moment, you’re considering and weighing your options for NYE. More, I wouldn’t be taken for a loop, if at this very moment, you’re solidifying your fit. So, what will it be this year? Are you going for glitz and glamour or are you taking a minimalist approach and focusing on comfort instead? Truthfully, that is neither here nor there; whatever you decide to do and/or wear, make sure dupp&swat at 7p is on your agenda! We’re releasing issues four and five of SPREAD–DISH and GRAY MATTER–and are requesting your presence. Matter of fact, grab your crew and head to NODA for a NYE pre-game like no other. Trust me, you’ll hear about it later! #REALTALK


DUPP&SWAT | 2424 N DAVIDSON ST, STE 112B | 12.31.15 | 7-9PM


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