Is Kodak Black cooning or playing us all for the fool?

So, I was checking out his Breakfast Club Interview and I don’t know what to make of this guy. With all of the hope in the world running from my head to my toes, I am hoping this guy is playing the longest running practical joke. Have you seen the video of him calling out Lil Wayne? Click here! He is clearly on something hard, look at his damn hand man! He is tweaking so bad, he can’t control his hand (this negro is using and abusing some serious shit and I guarantee its not the green). His sentence structure? Terrible! Grammar? Never stood a chance!

My hope is that he leaves his troubles behind and somehow someway, he puts out meaningful music. I found the music he dropped much earlier in his career was better and that was probably before he started drugging heavily. Maybe he should go back to phase of his career and just stick to the weed.

Check out the strange interview below!

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