Insecure, best binge in a long time!! (no spoilers)

That’s right dammit. I have been told this show targets women, African-American women but I ran threw this show like buy one get one coupons at Chic-Fil-A. In my opinion, expert opinion that is, this is the most accurate show depicting the life of majority African-American’s (mostly women).

The show centers around Issa and Molly, two women trying to balance relationships, work, and just regular shit that life throws at you. From a guys perspective, I have reason to believe that this show’s content is extremely accurate to what a lot of women are experiencing.

A lot of the issues that face the major characters are self-inflicted which makes them seem so realistic and tangible — they aren’t picture perfect. The scenarios that they are put in remind me of Curb Your Enthusiasm but not as extreme and the shows tone tends to be a lot more serious.

I stretch out on my couch and binge watched the whole damn show on my Nexus Player with Kodi. This is the type of show I will watch again just before Season 2 drops and I will enjoy it just as much. HBO continues to push boundaries and drop dope content while giving minority actors and actresses, directors and producers the opportunity others wouldn’t.

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