I SAID WHAT I SAID *insert emoji*


every now and then it’s necessary to release. this is one of those times…

yeh, i said it! i being davita galloway am:

  1. tired of talking about what needs to happen and what should happen (about a variety of topics) to only have it fall upon deaf ears.
  2. growing increasingly frustrated with being apart of round table discussions where those present appear to want to make a change (the actual steps of making that change somehow gets lost in their list of ‘things to do.’). i question motives and if you really want to improve conditions or are simply doing it because it’s trendy or, in other words, ‘for the gram.’
  3. not trying to hear those who have the power to make changes, continuously say their hands are tied. (well, untie them! that’s why you make the big bucks; you, SIR (yes, sir–in most cases) have the ability, power and influence to do just that.)
  4. appalled with the common display of the absence of common sense in creating/changing policy.
  5. passionate about art and culture and social justice and basic human rights and ‘affordable housing’ and ownership and…
  6. outraged that an individual who works FT at minimum wage is at a great disadvantage. (did you know that this individual should be paying roughly $350/mo for rent; however, the average cost for a 1BR is approximately $1.350?) THINK ABOUT THAT!!
  7. holding everyone accountable–including myself! (motto: say ‘something,’ then do ‘something.’)
  8. not interested in working with lazy artists. (take that how you want.) we already have a hard time getting people to take what we do seriously and, if you’re contributing to that narrative in any way, have a good day… buh bye!!!
  9. super serious about ‘unmuting’ voices in the community!!!

wooooooosah!! #thatisallfornow

if you feel the same way about one or more of these things, let’s chat…

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