Busta Rhymes anyone? Sheesus Christ, please tell me you recognized that (SMH, click here). This is something guaranteed to break the bot bank. The camp line for those lucky enough to purchase these will more than likely be three hours long, a week prior. Security? They may call in the Nation of Islam for this one and they need to because it’s going to be as if Beyonce is making an appearance.

Is it true people? Are we getting a ‘What the Jordan 1?’ Apparently, this is a photoshopped image but ohhh the possibilities! I’m not a hypebeast aka ‘a hype’ aka ‘poser’ but being that the ‘1,’ the original Jordan sneaker, is one of my all time favorites; this really gets my blood going.

Am I the only one who licks the soles of brand new kicks? Dammit man! Probably should have just kept that to myself.

Credit – www.kicksonfire.com


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