I BROKE UP with Fashion

Yep, you read that right… I BROKE UP WITH FASHION!

It wasn’t a bad breakup but it’s something that will impact me for quite some time. You have a moment? Cool! Let me tell you what ‘fashion’ did to me–one word, BETRAYAL. ‘Fashion’ didn’t acknowledge my presence, my efforts, my intentions and most, importantly, my love. Taking up my time, all the while neglecting to provide some sort of reciprocity, it’s such a selfish bastard. The long dates in the mall and the long conversations meant nothing, apparently. Heartbroken, I’m like any other woman and when I’m done, I’m DONE.

‘Fashion’ and I were long time lovers, having kindled our relationship at the age of three. We did everything together and became the best of friends. Our love was core-deep and as our relationship grew, we went on dates to the mall, had brunch in Urban Outfitters, dinner at Nordstrom’s and late night soirees, online, with Zara. There was never a day in which we didn’t see each other. However, as time went on and we grew older, I became busy and, fashion, my consistent fling, became a little ‘salty.’

I, no longer equipped with time to go out on dates, noticed a difference with ‘fashion.’ With the focus on improving myself, I spent quality time with ‘fashion’ when I could–remixing our date nights using Groupon and Living Social deals. Fashion, however, was not feeling our edited connection and threw major shade. With a gross lack of passion, being unadventurous and simply basic, nothing about ‘fashion’ turned me on; our relationship waned and, eventually, sizzled out. With reality staring at me in the mirror, I knew that I had outgrown ‘fashion’ and was left crying for days, all the while eating pints of Talenti cookies and cream gelato. And, like any other heartbroken chica, I watched reruns of ‘Sex in the City’ over and over and over again.

That was then but this is now… And, right now, it’s all about my current love. Yes, I have found love again and am now married to it–STYLE. ‘Style’ has been so great to me! ‘Style’ has lead me to my purpose, supported my vision and gave me life! Madly in love, we couldn’t be happier! Oh and our dates? Palpitating with passion! We select uniforms together and embrace our natural selves. We save money and make a statement together. We are one and, truthfully, that’s exactly what I prayed for. My testimony is that you can close the door to one thing and wake up to something better!

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ ~Rachel Zoe

‘Fashion fades, style is eternal.’ ~Yves Saint Laurent

‘Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.’ ~Ralph Lauren

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