#frugalstylist COMING SOON!! (Jan 2016)

Our beautiful fashion editors, Jania Massey and Deidra Young of Ethan & Zoey (www.ethanandzoey.com) will be launching #frugalstylist.

What is #frugalstylist?
~> A virtual styling opportunity for those that want, or need, a stylist but can’t afford one. They believe that everyone should have a stylist within their personal budget.

~> For $10 dollar a month, you will receive the following:
1) a virtual styling session with the Frugal Stylist workbook,
2) personalized styling tips,
3) a discount on EZ services, and
4) a discount on services provided by the EZ crew (makeup artist and photographers).

~> FAQ
Why do you need #frugalstylist?
#frugalstylist is needed as many view their fashion sense as being one-dimensional, buying an outfit and wearing it the same way, over and over. Jania and Deidra are here to assist and suggest other looks for your wardrobe pieces.

How will #frugalstylist help me?
#frugalstylist will help with your fashion confidence, wardrobe budget and overall appearance.

Who will benefit from this opportunity?
1) Friends who text, asking what to wear on a daily basis,
2) Individuals who want to look good and feel like a celebrity,
3) Individuals who have trouble selecting five looks surrounding one item,   4) Non-shoppers,
5) Individuals on the go, who don’t have time to think about what to wear, and
6) All frugal fashionistas.

Head over to #frugalstylist to sign up and be the first to know when membership opens!

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