From the Roota to the Toota!

What’s wrong with chitterlings or as I call them, chitlins’? Well? Anyone? I’ll wait. Listen people, I’m not suggesting that you add them to your daily diet but once or twice a year is certainly acceptable. Around the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, in particular, let your hair down and get unhealthy a bit. Unfortunately, my family no longer chefs up the dish, which leaves me longing for those tasty intestines! SMH at all of you!

My sisters disrespect the fine cuisine by calling them ‘sh*tlins” but my ‘I’d Eat It’ partner (see the physical issues of SPREAD), on the other hand, has coined an amazing name for the delicacy that he will release later this year. Stay tuned as it has a nice ring to it. I bet if you saw this particular name on the menu, you’d not only order but devour the beige goodness as well. Have you forgotten that our ancestors lived off of this fine cuisine for many, many years and, while they didn’t have much of a choice, still lived a long time. So, it’s not as bad as the pundits would like you to believe!


The motherf*ckers are a delicacy and I’ll be damned if the ‘South’ loses its heritage and disowns a piece of our cuisine history. Hey man, in the ‘South,’ we eat the pig, the whole pig and nothing but the pig. We eat everything that good white meat can offer including pig cheek, pig tongue, pig feet, pig ear, and whatever else we can carve off that thing. (Barry Francois (@foodbyfrancois) take note and embrace the traditions of your current residence–the ‘South!’) Matter of fact, all of you damn chefs recognize that you are in the ‘South’ and make more southern cuisine options! Own it, don’t stray from what’s always been sufficient. Fat back anyone? I’ll take mine with bread, any type of bread.

How do you prefer your chitlins’? You want them over rice? Over collards? With hot sauce or do you prefer barbecue sauce? Do you want them fried? How about broiled? Perhaps a splash of lemon for the uppity folk? As they can be dipped, curdled, whipped, flipped and rubbed down, chitlins’, believe it or not, are one of the most versatile meats of all time! Why, oh why, would you deprive yourself of this? Stop playing and get this blessing that God (or whatever higher power you believe in) has provided you!

That smell, when they are being fried or boiled, is the fragrance of an animal giving its all to you. Hey, it’s the holidays, don’t reject an offering like that. Eat it! Eat all of it–from the roota to the got damn toota!

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