Freddie Jackson vs. Luther Vandross

freddie or luther

A simple conversation between two friends quickly escalated into the ‘who was better’ question. That question is a loaded one and its impact, undeniable. Fights have been started, lives have been lost, and credibility has been shot due to this question and answer, of course. So, my suggestion is to be careful how you respond when you are being prompted for an answer. With the communication above, one guy, clearly, was backed into a corner and fell right into the person’s trap!

I feel like Luther was the better artist and that’s no knock on Freddie as he held his own. But Luther, that Luther guy spanned decades, lost weight, gained weight, rocked a jheri curl and a fade. The man did it all…

Now, what say you? If you had to listen to one artist on a road trip, who are you picking? If you were in prison and only one CD could be smuggled in, who are you asking for? Freddie or Luther?

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