Dupp’s Notepad – 2/7/17

You know what it is and hopefully, you know what it isn’t! It’s the greatest most honest read on Earth. You can’t find better content on the web, in a newspaper or a book!

First some can’t believes…

  1. Can’t believe this mother f*cker is out president. That’s all…
  2. Can’t believe the Falcons choked in the Super Bowl!
  3. Can’t believe I am so late watching the Stretch and Bobbito documentary. Sh*t is fireeeee!

Now some random observations…

It’s 2017 and it feels like we have drifted back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I mean, not all rights and privileges have been revoked but the protesting, meaningless deaths, and outright racism has me feeling as close to these decades as I will ever be. I realize as I have grown older that the public’s voice is strong and people will use their right to vocalize injustices. I think its important to never lose or utilize that voice, that is an act of agreement (whether you agree or not).

Valentines Day = The great big lick for corporations to suck more out of people. Who am I to say anything? I just go along with it because it has become the norm and its habitual at this point in my life. Sooooo, Happy Valenties Day!!

Charlotte is killing their culture by knocking down history and important sections of the city for those that believe in the cities culture. Yeah, I know, you have heard this before. This epidemic continues and I have stopped blaming the city and started blaming those that sell their land. Yeah, you greedy bastards. If you are in a place where the money isn’t needed, why sale? If you are struggling and they are offering you some exuberant amount, by all means tell them to cut the check. Who am I to judge you? You want to know who my hero is? The guy that owns this little ass saloon off of Central Avenue that is being swallowed up by construction around him. He clearly told the land developers to f*ck off because he isn’t selling. You sir, the owner of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon are the real MVP!


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