De La Soul, ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’


After an 11-yr hiatus, De La Soul returns with ‘and the Anonymous Nobody.’ The 17-track album simply ‘feels good’ and has features from artists such as Jill Scott, Little Dragon, 2 Chainz, Estelle, Pete Rock and Snoop Dogg.

1. Genesis (Intro) (Feat. Jill Scott)
2. Royalty Capes
3. Pain (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
4. Property of (Feat. Roc Marciano)
5. memory Of… (US) (Feat. Estelle & Pete Rock)
6. Cbgbs
7. Lord Intended (Feat. Justin Hawkins)
8. Snoopies (Feat. David Byrne)
9. Greyhounds (Feat. Usher)
10. Sexy Bitch
11. Trainwreck
12. Drawn (Feat. Little Dragon)
13. Whoodeeni (Feat. 2 Chainz)
14. Nosed Up
15. You Go Dave (A Goldblatt Presentation)
16. Here In After (Feat. Damon Albarn)
17. Exodus (Outro)

Don’t stone me but, admittedly, I’m the girl who listened to their singles whenever they happened to brush against my ears. In no way, was I searching and/or checking for them. However, a little friend told me about this new release and assured me that I needed to give it a spin. (because… ‘he hasn’t ever steered me wrong regarding music.)

Honestly, I’m glad I did. Your turn!

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