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Chinook has revealed her brand new single ‘Bones’. The 19 year old Dutch-Norwegian singer, songwriter and musician recorded the song with UK duo The Nexus (Lana Del Rey, Hurts) and Anu Pillai (Sound of Arrows, Freeform Five, Holychild).

‘Bones’ is the next in a series of releases from Chinook, following ‘Your Eyes’ in May.

Chinook shot to notoriety in Norway at the age of just 16, achieving a number one single with her debut, ‘Go Home’. The song reached #1 on iTunes, the Spotify top 20.

Initially finding her newfound nationwide fame somewhat intimidating, Chinook chose to open up about her feelings of low self-esteem on social media. Her refreshingly honest, unique and transparent approach to her stardom was a welcome antidote to the landscape of ego-maniac stars of her generation, and she received massive support from the media and her fans in doing so.

Since the release of her debut single, Chinook has been finding her feet as an artist, perfecting her live performance and developing her craft even further. With ‘Bones’, Chinook has unveiled an impressively mature and engaging sound. ‘Bones’ is a masterclass in the art of subtlety in production, allowing Chinook’s soulful vocals to carry the irresistible and haunting melody.

Chinook said: “‘Bones’ is about finding yourself again when you’re lost, and about expressing your emotions in actions. I love the organic and simple sound of the song, it’s a perfect expression of my personality and my vocal style. I feel so honoured to have worked with The Nexus and Anu Pillai.”


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