Children of Children Keep Coming

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Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

Children of Children Keep Coming

(as shared by Shawn D Allison II)

I never read “The Children of Children Keep Coming”. In honest fact, I never even knew it was a book. Tonight’s adaption by On Q served me quite the portion of what the literary protocol is most likely akin to. This was nothing short of superb acting and supreme vocalism. A beautifully constructed choreopoem that drew me in with every scale, harmonized chorus, note, physical reenactment, and character line. The themes of this work are Chocolate resistance and persistence. To be a member of a people who has had probably every evil and merciless entity purposely directed to and executed among us, I sometimes sit back and admire our insurmountable courage to survive. But as the late, great Dr. Seuss once penned, ‘everyone is waiting in the waiting place.’ We can’t make change happen if we wait, our actions must be frequent, fervent and faithful. As Elder Goings stated in an intimate lesson tonight, ‘our Ancestors are watching us and they are guiding us.’ I understand that we haven’t lived up to our full potential as a people, but one thing is for sure–we need to start loving each other and unifying the Chocolate Coalition once again. Our fight is FAR from over and we need to prove to ourselves, our oppressors, our obstacles that we are children of light and that we will keep coming. If the Devil was as bad as he thinks he is, he would’ve wiped us out already. But there is a God standing unmovably strong in our corner and we’ve got to lean on Him. Keep the faith everyone. Let’s work….

Again, FANTASTIC JOB to all cast, costume design, musicianship, and vocal coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And everyone out there, PLEASE GO $UPPORT this play!!!

# BlackArtsMatter

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