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Let the people of Creative Mornings Charlotte tell it, the Queen City is a creative hub. Whether you believe that or not, I will call your attention to the event that took place this morning. Located at Warehouse 242, off Wilkinson, masses gathered to be entertained and be apart of a greater discussion–the topic being ‘transparency.’ With a debate, led by Matt Olin, Senator Jackson, a local politician, and Cassie Parsons, a ‘farm to table’ chef, took their positions to argue the intricacies of the following quote:

quote-laws-are-like-sausages-it-is-better-not-to-see-them-being-made-otto-von-bismarck-2-75-71After going round for round, answering questions like,


the winner, Cassie Parsons was crowned and walked away with a goodie bag filled with local delights. But, before the debate happened, there was food, music and games!! Hello, even a non-morning person such as myself, was quite happy I slithered out of bed, trudged through the rain to be in attendance. It, in all of its ‘early birdness’ was a great way to start the day!

To learn more about Creative Mornings Charlotte and get in on the next session, visit #CharlotteIsCreative.

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