If I’m honest, I must admit that it was tough getting out of my warm and cozy bed to brave the frigid weather present today in the QC. If I’m honest, I will admit that though my alarm SOUNDED off, as anticipated, at 7am, I didn’t make a move until 8am. I just couldn’t–nope, it wasn’t happening! Not only am I NOT a morning person, I’m also a proud member of the ‘nah, it’s too cold to do anything’ committee. The double-whammy that presented itself this early AM was real! However, as I laid in bed, I knew I would kick myself in the arse for not attending ‘church’ this morning! So, I slid out of bed, jumped in the shower, dressed and trekked over to Warehouse 242 for another #CreativeMornings session. The theme? SOUND!

FYI: Because I pretend to be social, I made sure my iPhone was charged and ready for the morning workout. But, as luck would have it, it died in the car! Say what? How? Arghhhhhh! How in the hell does a phone go from 100% to flatline? Apple, I need answers!!!

Completely bummed, I was forced to experience SOUND without any interruption. And, you know what? I’m glad I did as I was immersed–completely–in the moment. Speaking of moments, today marks the 1-yr anniversary of #CreativeMorningsCharlotte and they kicked off with a fantastic orchestrated soundscape.

Per usual, Matt (Olin) welcomed the crowd and asked if there were any newcomers to #CreativeMornings, of which there were quite a few. He goes on to question the audience about being new to Charlotte, of which there were quite a few. But, one chica, was very vocal about her arrival saying she touched down ‘yesterday.’ A reSOUNDing clap occurred and we all refocused our attention back to Matt and then back to this mystery woman who wouldn’t silence her SOUND. If I’m honest, I was literally gagging and saying to myself, ‘why is she still talking?’ And, ‘why is she continuously cutting Matt off?’ And, ‘oh no, is she getting up? To do what? Girl, please sit down!’ More, if I’m honest, I cringed because she was black… ‘Girl, what are you doing? There aren’t many of us in here and you’re going to act like this? Jesus!’

Yep, that was me and my thoughts! LOL

To my surprise she began singing a catchy and appropriate remix of Miley Cyrus’ single, ‘Party in the USA.’ …. ‘There’s a party in the Queen Citaaaaay!’ *whew* ‘This was all planned? Awesome! I can relax now.’ (LOL) She even was accompanied by another gentleman who took over the second verse and really got the audience jigging (bopping in their chairs)! SOUND.

Clapping. Music. Cheers. Noise. Laughs. Smiles. Lights. Color. SOUND. It was all present during their performance.

With it being an anniversary and all, how dare the momentum halt there, right?! Right! To everyone’s surprise, Matt and Tim exercised their vocal cords and blessed us with a sentimental song about a doughnut–taking melodies from Michael Jackson’s, ‘The Girl is Mine.’ Listen (pun intended), it was everything!!!! Uhhhh yes please! (NOTE: Matt/Tim, if you’re reading this–KUDOS!!!)

Okay, okay, okay I’ll move along but come on, that was just the beginning. Do you understand the magic that took place? And, to think the bed almost had me hostage…HMPH!

And, for the icing on top–pun intended (referring back to the doughnut which was provided courtesy of Joe’s Doughs), the guest speaker/actress, Julianne Gold, was spectacular. Gold, deaf since birth, had the room silent–deafening, even–as she spoke of her experience, her perspective, her SOUND as an actress, as a deaf person in a hearing world. I, for one, found myself having a little difficulty understanding at first but then, upon shifting perspective and focusing on her–tuning everything else out–was drawn in. As a matter of fact, her voice was loud and her enunciation, perfect, as I became deaf to the other SOUNDS in the room–coughing, shifting in chairs, sipping of coffee, lights, etc.

I even found myself becoming emotional as I listened, intently, to her words and am in total agreement; yes, it’s true as she, initially, claimed, ‘it’s all perspective.’ Whether you’re deaf, hearing impaired and/or a hearing individual, we all can communicate and exist and love and laugh and play and work together and experience each other if we edit our perspective and allow it to happen.

Sitting there without a phone buzzing and beeping allowed me to truly be present and experience SOUND at alarming decibels and if I’m honest, it was perfect!

Cheers to a year of being CREATIVE!!

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