Can Marijuana be the new cash crop for the South?

As we all know, tobacco was a cash crop for the South. That is until people realized how dangerous and addictive the chemicals are. Now, the war on drugs (are we still at war?), has a new agenda and it’s the outright assault on tobacco. Snuff, cigarettes, blunts, and cigar companies have all taken hits of considerable proportions. I must say that the jingles and punchlines are clever! What better way to restore the loss of money than a pending replacement? I say pending because it’s not completely legal–yet!

Imagine the fields that once were for the growth of tobacco, filled with the finest and fluffiest bud on earth. Am I the only who sees how this can work? Surely, you recognize the potential benefits? You don’t want to be involved? That’s fine! There’s plenty who will be ‘ALL ABOARD!’ Buying shares of a ‘weed’ company isn’t far-fetched and, indeed, a viable option. Like tobacco, it will need to be policed but, man, the economy needs this, the South needs this.

Will it create jobs? Hells yeah, homey! You need people to cater to the needs of this delicate leaf and guess what? People need jobs, people will always need a place of employment and the acres upon acres upon acres of ‘Bin Laden’ is the answer!

It’s time for the South to be smart and understand ‘Mary Jane’ is the answer.

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