Body Dysmorphic Tales

My name is Courtney but my artist name is ‘ConaStoe.’ I’m a student and interdisciplinary artist, currently, interning for SPREAD.

As an artist, I love to create different types of designs. Take ‘Body Dysmorphic Tales,’ for example. BDT is a series of artwork, I’ve created for women of color, to raise awareness on body dysmorphia and self-esteem issues. The painting entitled, ‘Move ya Body,’ (shown below) highlights being comfortable in all of our uniquely-shaped bodies.

Being comfortable, in our bodies, is a challenge I think all black women face at one point or another. This piece was painted in celebration of who we are and embracing our imperfections.

number142 move

We all need to take a moment and look at ourselves. Upon this inspection, I’m sure we’ll realize how beautiful we all really are.

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