Black Man, I’m Curious

As a black woman, I, oftentimes, wonder how it feels to be a black man in America. Not that I want to switch bodies and have the experience for myself–uhhh because that’ll be super weird–but, mostly because of the experiences that Raheem has. I mean, at what point did Derrick, a cute, bright-eyed, chocolate baby with a head full of hair morph into ‘public enemy number one?’ What exactly makes Kristin ‘clutch her pearls’ the very moment Xavier walks by? Is it his hoodie? Is it his locs? Or, is it simply the skin in which Marcus lives?

Rodney, let me ask you… What do you think makes Sarah, at the sight of your approach, cross the street? Trayvon, why do you think George was threatened? Leonard, simply put, why do you scare folk? Is it intentional? No really, Brandon, do you frighten people on purpose?

Truthfully, I already have an idea of the responses but was…just curious…

Hey, just curious…

  1. How do you mentally prepare to deal with the ‘ways of the world’ in the morning?
  2. How many times have you thought about suicide while serving a sentence that’s not yours?
  3. Are you afraid of showing up as your true self out of fear of not being understood or, hell, not going home? In other words, do you ‘turn yourself down’ in certain environments?
  4. Then, who builds you up?
  5. Are you up? As in woke? As in good morning? Was your daddy there to say good morning?
  6. What’s really good? Do you wanna holler? Will it matter if you do?
  7. I mean, does your life really matter?

Was wondering what’s on your mind because you stay on mine, black man… And, yes, YOU MATTER!

Davita Galloway


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