My love for beat tapes will never die. And, admittedly, I’ve been listening to them my entire life. It started from listening to rap music as a kid and, coincidentally, falling in love with the sounds of J Dilla, Mos Def, Wu-Tang Clan and Common. Now, my beat love has evolved into an obsession–plain and simple! Essentially, they are all I listen to outside of a select few cuts of indie, r&b, experimental and rock music. It’s just that beat music inspires my artwork, greatly, and takes me to places I’ve never been before, visually. Because of them–beats, that is–I started making visuals and editing videos! It’s truly an amazing thing to experience–zoning, that is. So, my top 10 beatmakers of all time? Glad you asked! Here…





Flying Lotus


SOul Unreal

Wun Two

all these fingers


Hope you enjoy some of my favorite musicians and experience something amazing.

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