Bad Boy Entertainment Doesn’t Exist Without Craig Mack

craig mack

People often forget how things are in the beginning stages, how the rise of an empire occurs, who played an integral role, and who paved the way for big breaks.

It’s 1993 and Bad Boy Entertainment (Bad Boy) is preparing to release music from their first signed artist; this, music lovers, is an important moment for the golden era of hip hop–as the 90’s are often called–because the boom bap of the 80’s has been laid to rest. With the new sound of the 90’s being readily (and steadily) received, artists were experimenting and…winning! So much so, that if you were an artist releasing an album in the mid-90’s, from ’93-’96, you had better swung for the rafters because those were the G.O.A.T.! Need proof? Just to name a few…

Naughty by Nature, 19 Naughty III;  Geto Boys, Till Death Do Us Part; Onyx, Bacdafucup; Del the Funky Homosapien, No Need for Alarm; Mobb Deep, Juvenile Hell; Run D.M.C., Down with the King; Guru, Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1; The Roots,  Organix; Fat Joe, Fat Joe;  8Ball & MJG, Comin’ Out Hard; Kris Kross, Da Bomb; Tha Alkaholiks, 21 & Over; Scarface, The World is Yours; De La Soul, Buhloone Mindstate; Lords of the Underground, Here Come the Lords; KRS-One, Return of the Boom Bap; Souls of Mischief, 93 ’til Infinity; Digital Underground, The Body-Hat Syndrome; DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Code Red; Salt-n-Pepa, Very Necessary; Leaders of the New School, T.I.M.E.; Black Moon, Enta da Stage; Erick Sermon, No Pressure; Shaq, Shaq Diesel; Too Short, Get in Where You Fit In; LL Cool J, 14 Shots to the Dome; Cypress Hill, Black Sunday; Brand Nubian, In God We Trust; Digable Planets, Reachin’; 2PAC, Strictly 4 My Niggaz (he is still overrated); A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders; Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers); Queen Latifah, Black Reign; Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle; Ice Cube, Lethal Injection…

Definitely one of the greatest runs for hip hop, that moment will never be duplicated. I think if we realized what was taking place at that point in time, we would’ve paid closer attention to how blessed we were. What, you don’t believe me? Just follow this link to ecstasy! You back? Fellas, put the lotion away and ladies wash your hands, I’m sure that orgasmic trip down ‘musical’ memory lane was amazing!

Many labels rocked with their ‘old faithfuls’ as it was guaranteed that whatever they dropped would compete with the current bangers. To place the future of your label in the hands of an unknown rapper was ballsy, very ballsy and unheard of! Enter Sean Combs. Mr. Combs, however, knocked one out of the park when Craig Mack dropped, ‘Flava In Your Ear.’  This track laid the path for every artist and gave Puffy the momentum to start churning out hit after hit after hit. Let’s get something understood, the album, ‘Project Funk Da World’ was a solid effort from the newly-started label. Why was the album released a year later and after BIG’s ‘Ready to Die?’ Unfortunately, the remix to ‘Flava In Your Ear’ was an early example of a song being too big for the artist. Puff set Craig Mack up for failure with this one. Let me get this right, Puff, you’re going to put this man on a track with BIG, Busta, LL, Rampage (what a disappointment he was), and expect him to outshine these heavyweights?! If I was Craig Mack, I would’ve said, ‘HELL NAW! Shaq not available?’

Now that Craig Mack has gotten the ball rolling, Puff starts putting up numbers like Barry Bonds and, his run, was stupid! BIG, Faith, Total, and 112 immediately rattled off high quality albums that, inevitably, pushed Bad Boy to the forefront of Rap and R&B. Hey, has anyone seen Craig Mack? And, what about that second album Puff was talking about? Craig Mack dropped a second album alright but it was released on Street Life (Scotti Brothers Records). We now know that this was an example of what the L.O.X. later reveals: P. Diddy will Fleece Johnson you, the easy way or the hard way. In my humble opinion, Sean Combs (aka Puff aka Puffy aka P. Diddy, etc) owes Craig Mack a great deal of gratitude for helping propel his brand into the billion dollar entity it is today and wonder if he’s expressed this to him?! Well, of course, he has people! I’m sure you’re also aware that Craig Mack lives in Walterboro, SC (Wikipedia). Oh, and I’m 100% certain that you know he lives here, in Walterboro, and Puff visits him frequently (please tell me you recognize the sarcasm).

Craig, keep your head up and know that some of us recognize and appreciate what you contributed to the culture and we hope you’re receiving your deserved respect, brother (even if it’s coming from the pastor between worship services on the farm). Aye ma’an, ain’t no damn Bad Boy without CRAIG MACK!

‘Craig Mack,
1000 Degrees,
You’ll be on your knees,
And you’ll be burnin’, beggin’ please!’

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