A Harvest Full of Hope


In chatting with Kyle Murray, one of the key organizers, for the Hope for Harvest’s Celebrity Bowling Tournament, he stated, ‘Tonight was a success! I’ve worked at many venues and I’ve been the attendant of a few events but I must say that the entire crew at Dave & Busters, in Concord Mills, were amazing.’ He goes on to say that they snatched a piece of his heart and speaking of hearts…

If you were in attendance last night, your heart was definitely snatched–in a great way–by all the children who wore plastered smiles as they played with local and national celebrities in a bowling showdown! Cheers to DUPP&SWAT, Mack Wilds, Marlo Hampton, JP Designs Art, Chewy, from 92.7 The Block, Wardell Malloy, Sunshine Anderson and, of course, Catherine Brewton for their support, leadership and sponsorship.

Having taken place at Dave & Busters, Hope for Harvest is a nonprofit with the mission to assist, encourage and educate by providing free services to the underserved & homeless population. To learn more about the organization and their community functions, please visit: HOPE FOR HARVEST.


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