7 Applebee-Esque Restaurants

What if you could create a restaurant of your own, as well as, the menu? Awesome, right?! What, then, if there was one stipulation? And, the stipulation being, like Applebee’s, create a name that displayed an interesting combination of a fruit and animal. LOL

Below, my super duper awesome list of wacky Applebee-esque names. My only stipulation, if anything resonates with you, make sure I’m included in the payroll, ok? Ok, ok, you may begin salivating…

1. ‘Cougar Melons.’ A martini-bar establishment, here the drinks are top notch. The crowd-pleaser, though, is a drink called the ‘Pretty Titty’ consisting of Overproof Rum, Vodka, Midori, Passion Fruit juice, Pineapple, and Lime. Throw in an order of sticky wings and hot tot’s and you’re pretty much the definition of ‘winning.’

2. ‘The Strawberry Parrot.’ This, my friends, is a sports-themed restaurant popping with eclectic decor. On the menu, the standouts are the braised beef tips, broccoli rabe and smashed cauliflower with a red wine reduction. What? Don’t let the name fool you, the menu is chock full of surprises.

3. ‘The Cherry Rabbit.’ Introducing a family-style restaurant with European flair. Here, the most popular dish is the simplest but it tastes like it takes a month of forevers to create–‘bangers and mash.’ The sausage is made in-house and the dish, upon ordering. Paired with a glass of stout, you’re a little upset that you weren’t blessed with three stomachs. No worries, though, this jewel is open 24 hours; feel free to return after proper digestion.

4. ‘The Foxy Date.’ With flat screens galore, a DJ booth, hot chicks and and hot wings, you have wandered into the right place! Our signature, ‘Caramelized Brown Sugar Date Wings,’ will knock your socks off and, if needed, pair it with Parmesan fries or a salad to cut the kick. As far as liquids, there are plenty, plenty drink specials.

5. ‘The Ugli Duckling’ is a West Indian jewel. Like many, you’ll come for breakfast and never leave! The morning specialty is ‘Ackee and Saltfish’ with ground provisions. Real island natives love this breakfast as it’s both filling and flavorful. Savory, the dish is a stew of fish, onion, ackee, and peppers atop English potatoes, sweet potatoes and green plantains with a fried dumpling on the side. Don’t forget your Sorrel or Mauby!

6. ‘Pepino Pandas’ is a Thai restaurant and ‘spicy’ is the game! Our most sought after item is the ‘Verde Curry.’ It can come as ‘hot’ as you prefer and is simmered slow to infuse and bind the spices and coconut milk. Having the option of selecting either ‘Meat’ or ‘Vegetarian’ option, it comes with Basmati rice.

7. ‘Currant Chameleons’ is a spot of leisure. The menu is uniquely placed at the entry and has a fast-food feel. Here, ‘Cheese-Fried Corndogs’ and the ‘Fried Cheesecake’ are the most poplar, alongside the famous shakes and floats.

Who’s ready to eat? I AM!

Natasha Payne

Im a native New Yorker that relocated here to Charlotte for my children. I have several passions that I get to pursue which include writing, cooking, candy making, and loads of crafts.

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