19-yr old Althea Shares Her Vision


‘See My Vision’ is the exciting debut project from 19-year old London singer, songwriter and musician, Althea. The brilliantly crafted 7-track offering comes on the back of recently released single, ‘Out Of Time, Ride’ and ‘Telling Stories,’ which have been released in the past four months to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, garnering over 30,000 streams on SoundCloud for the R&B newcomer.

Althea–highly recommended if you like honest and forward-thinking R&B music and artists such as Kehlani, Bryson Tiller and Jhene Aiko–is an avid piano and guitar player who began singing at a very young age. While her skills were nurtured in her local church’s gospel choir, they were honed at the British Academy of New Music, where she completed two years.

Produced and co-written with burgeoning musician and producer Dayo, See My Vision is a very bold statement of intent from Althea. With zero features, this work portrays glorious R&B sensibilities and infectious bass-heavy musical backdrops. More, she displays her captivating vocal abilities, raw and relatable storytelling skills, as well as artistic versatility throughout the project.

Speaking of her project, Althea shares, ‘it means a lot to me as it’s the first project and collection of songs that I’ve put out there. Putting art out is a daunting process as it’s your creation which you feel passionately about and never know how people are going to react to it, but to see other people enjoying the music and gravitating towards it is a very good feeling.’

With ‘Ride’ as the first track, give the album a spin…

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